The world market of diamonds stops

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The world market of diamonds stops : Diamond’s recession in the world market. De Beers, the world’s largest diamond producer, has said this by 2016. According to a report, China and India are the two largest markets for diamond sale in the world. Due to the slowdown in the two countries, such a situation has been created around the world. It has been reported in the report that overall growth in the diamond market has been only about 0.1 percent of the gross figure in the last year.

Diamond news -

“In 2016, the market has increased to just 0.3 percent”

‘De Beers’ report says that after the rise of the decimal 3 percent, diamond’s world market size is now 8 billion US dollars. In China, diamond sales declined 4.8 percent last year, and 13 percent in India declined. The world’s total diamond sales are 23 percent in these two countries. But the world’s largest diamond market has sold 4.4 percent of diamonds in the United States last year.

A report from the UK’s Financial Times said that at one time the news of “Diamond Bazaar’s” fall came when the vendor organizations took various initiatives to increase the sale. De Beers announced the $ 14 billion investment plan this year to increase the diamond sales. After 2008, the company did not spend so much in one year for marketing. The company has taken special plans to make the Millennial generation born after 1980, to become interested in diamonds. In the 1940’s D Bears created a slogan entitled ‘Diamond Forever‘, which was very popular at the time.

Diamond news -

“D Bearer’s” research data says that the sale of diamonds increased in the United States last year in the United States by purchasing more quantity of economically self-sufficient women. Last year, 31 percent of all diamond jewelry sold in the country were bought by women. Most women who have bought their own income in the United States, China and Japan are aged 35 or more. Among them, the number of married women was 57 percent and the number of millionaires was 33 percent.

It has been said in the report that De beers are trying to use this trend to buy women’s diamonds in their own sense. The organization thinks that women’s economic power will increase, the sale of diamonds will increase. Because, as a gem, diamond application for women is still much more.

Bruce Cleaver, chief executive officer of De Beer Group, said about the change in the world, due to the economic power or emancipation of women, and changes in the world. And this change is positively affecting the diamond market. Because, women do not have to rely on others to buy diamonds. The matter has created new opportunities for this sector.

According to ‘De Beers’ estimates, the number of diamonds sold worldwide in 2016 is 47 percent, in the United States. In 2015, 45 percent of the total sold diamond was sold in the country. China is next in the United States as a single market. In the last two years, 16 percent of the world’s total diamond sale has been in China. The Middle East is the third largest selling market for diamonds. Last year, 7 percent of the world’s diamonds were sold in Middle East countries. In Japan and India, the sales volume was 6 and 5 percent respectively. Apart from these five countries, 19 percent of the world’s diamond has been sold.


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