Why The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback With A Manual Is Such A Big Deal

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Why The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback With A Manual Is Such A Big Deal

Why The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback With A Manual Is Such A Big Deal” : If you’d said a month ago that you had no reason to be excited about a Toyota Corolla, I’d understand. No longer. Not since we learned that the Corolla 2019 hatchback with a six-speed manual was coming. That’s why it’s important.

At a time when swarms of so-called “driver’s cars” are moving to automatic and double-clutch transmissions, it may seem strange that Toyota has chosen to place a manual in the equivalent of its affordable economy car. You know, the car the masses should buy, not the enthusiasts. While we laughed about how the look of the new Camry suggested sportsmanship without actually providing any, the rather understated Corolla really does.

But that’s exactly what automakers should do. So many of what we now call historical “pilot cars,” like the original Mini, or the original Civic, were just economy cars for the masses, and became known as enthusiasts’ cars purely because they were small, lightweight. , infinitely chuckable and equipped with a manual transmission.

Toyota Corolla ” : The new Corolla hatch runs on Toyota’s TNGA platform (which you can find in the current Prius, C-HR and Lexus UX). Toyota has told me that it has increased body rigidity and a lower center of gravity. This, combined with the new 2.0-liter high-compression engine – looked like the manual was the last piece needed and that’s exactly what we got.

And it’s not just a six-gear recycling of the Subaru BRZ or the Toyota GT86. It’s a brand new transmission for Corolla, Toyota’s chief engineer Yoshiki Konishi, he told me. It’s called intelligent manual transmission.

Konishi said they wanted more people to have that fun feeling to drive. This generalized appeal also extends to the tactile feedback in the manual. The IMT will have a certain softness built in, because Konishi also added that the engine and shift speeds were synchronized to a “no shock, very smooth” shift action.

While this may disappoint some people who really appreciate the art of perfecting a gearshift, this really is a good thing for those people who are looking for a beautiful manual as their first car to learn.

Toyota Corolla Hatchback-Newscrane.com

Obviously, I still do not drive, but it looks like a friendly gearbox. Will it be used in future Toyota models? Konishi confirmed that yes, but then refused to clarify which. And what about a possible full-bodied Corolla? It would be a long shot, but I had to ask anyway. Konishi shrugged and gave the typical response “We are investigating.”

Why The 2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback” : I asked Toyota how many of his new Corolla hatches would be manual. They did not have a specific answer for me – they said they are still studying the numbers – but they are also eyeing competitors such as Honda, which offers about 20% of its Civic hatchbacks with manuals.

As for the actual costs and benefits of putting a manual in Corolla, Konishi did not have exact numbers for me, only that it is “more economical to offer the manual”. I asked him if he expects the manuals to run out. . He smiled. “I hope.”

I also hope! There are only a handful of cars on the market today that offer a manual transmission, and none of them positions as well as the Corolla hatch. Maybe this hatch will encourage new drivers who are shy to the idea of ​​a manual and convert them forever.

Toyota Corolla Hatchback With A Manual Is Such A Big Deal” : So these drivers will make a lot of noise about how good the manuals are and then they’ll scream for more manuals and then more automakers will offer them and then everything will be right in the world one more time.


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