Who will do the surgery?

Versius robots - Newscrane.com

Doctors now use robots to perform complex surgeries. Recently, UK researchers have created the world’s smallest robot for surgical use. They used the cost-effective technology to build mobile phones and spacecraft to create robots.

Versius robots - Newscrane.com




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The world’s smallest serial robot.








The name of the robot is Versius. It can emulate people’s hands. In the case of conventional open surgery, it can be used to start from different types of small pores. These include hernia repair, colorectal surgery, prostate, nose, ear, throat surgery etc.

In this process, the pain is reduced after complications and surgery. During the operation, the surgeon controls the 3D screen in Operation Theater.

It is easier to use than the current various surgical procedures. Apart from the small size of the size of the device, the operation takes lesser space than theater.

In order to make a robotic revolution in the field of surgery, robots should be versatile, work-friendly and small, so that doctors can easily remove it or keep them in packets if not used. Martin Frost, Chief Executive of Cambridge Medical Robotics, said that those things can be done with Versius. This is the first robotic arm, which is specially designed for laparoscopic surgery. Its main advantage is that it works like a man. It has the technology that can fix the pressure of the patient’s body. Researchers have used the technology used in mobile phones, so this robot can think and process information. In addition, the gearbox technology used in space has been used, so that it can move. Robot will be available next year.


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