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Akshay Kumar used to work in a hotel in Dhaka

Story-Akshay Kumar-Newscrane
Story-Akshay Kumar-Newscrane
“I used to work in a hotel in Dhaka” : Akshay Kumar age is fifty-sixis but  still called the ‘Fit’ hero of India. He is a bright exception in the reign of ‘Khan’ in Bollywood. National Award, Filmfare Award, and many awards.

I was born in Old Delhi, grew up in Chandni Chakra. His father was a resident of Amritsar and mother of Kashmir. I studied at Don Bosco School. From my childhood, there was no such hobby out of my sports. I used to play volleyball, cricket, football, hockey. Love a girl, started learning martial arts to get her eyebrows. Later I discovered, I love martial arts more than the girl! After the secondary, I told my father, I would like to go further away with martial arts. Father too struggled to fulfill my wishes. Sending a little bit of money sent me to Bangkok. Five years there learned karate. Learned martial arts, learned Thai boxing. Learned cooking I understood that to stay in Bangkok, I would have to learn to cook, or to learn to eat without eating. I chose to cook.

Then I went to Calcutta, worked there for a while. I went to Dhaka, worked there for a while. I used to work in a hotel in Dhaka. A travel agency used to work in Calcutta. I also did business. Buying jewelry from Delhi and selling it in Bombay. Kundan jewelry know? It was very popular in Bombay then. Suppose, I bought 20,000 rupees from Delhi and sold it in Bombay for 30 thousand rupees. Besides, I taught martial arts to a few children. Monthly earning would not have been bad. So one of my student’s students said, ‘You are quite tall, you are quite handsome, why not modeling?’

Story-Akshay Kumar-Newscrane

I did not know what ‘modeling’ was! None of my parents or family had any idea about this. So the gentleman said, ‘Come on, I will make all arrangements.’

I went one day. Two-two-hour photonsation in AC room, I got good food. At the end of the day, he handed me a check of 21 thousand rupees and said, “You can go.” I said, ‘OK, work is done!’ He said, ‘Yes.’ I am surprised! I work five hours a day, maybe at the end of the month, there may be five thousand rupees. And they gave 21 thousand in two hours! I did something special! I thought, wow, I would be the model. Here I started to send pictures, walked on the ramp. This is how many days have passed. Suddenly one day one offered me a role in the film. I still remember. In the evening, he gave me a check of Rs. 5 thousand rupees. I was contracted for acting in three films.

To work in the industry, the portfolio has to be made. I made ya thick portfolio by taking a lot of pictures. So I went to the Juhu beach in Mumbai. Seeing a beautiful banglow (house) there, the teller told me, can I go inside and take some pictures? The gatekeeper cleared the clearing. Because, the banglow (house) was one of the private property. Forced to the door of banglow (house), photosation was done. A few days ago, I found out the old pictures in the banglow (house), I was not allowed to enter the banglow (house) that day, now I am in the banglow (house)……!

I believe every child has any specialty. Someone might like computers, someone is good at studies, someone like science, mathematics feels good to someone Every child has any quality. Parents’ work is to find out that quality and help them grow further. Many say about my son, he must definitely write a name in the movie. I say, why? Yes, if he wants to mind then he can make a movie. If you are interested in something else, then do so. Why do I stress my mind? My son is good at teaching Draw a nice picture again. I shuffle his back and say, okay, beta, paint with your mind. I think it is important for all parents to know what your child wants to be? What do you want to do?

Dad used to say, ‘Beta, study at least to be understanding. If you stand in the middle of the big people, then you should not be fooled. You need to know English, know that the world is round Know the history, know the geography. Oh I’m not saying you’re great. That’s enough.

If you are the one who loves you, then you will feel like you are on vacation. I like the bunny jumps as well. At one time, I had to junk the banni by spending money. Now I get the money to do the same action! I am not hungry for success, my hunger is for good work. I told myself every day, what fortunately I could reach this level of life.

Write on the basis of Akshay Kumar’s interviews



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