Two Shahrukh Khan in one movie

Sharukh Khan -

Two Shahrukh Khan in one movie : In his next film, Shahrukh Khan will star in the role of a dwarf. The fans have been known so far. Now comes the new information. He will be seen in the double role in the film. The name of the film directed by Anandal Rai is still not correct. But the heroine is right. Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif will be seen with Shahrukh Khan. In the past, duplicate, Karan Arjun, Om Shanti Om and Ra One were seen in double roles in the film, Shahrukh Khan has seen.

Sharukh Khan -






Image source – Dailypost.

Shahrukh’s double roll issue is not coming forward, the makers of the photo. Besides the character of the left, Shahrukh Khan will also be seen in another character. A character is completely different from the other.

Sharukh Khan -






Image Source – Awallpapersimages.

Katrina is seen to romance with Dona Shahrukh Khan. On the other hand Anushka will be seen with another. The picture is standing on the story of friendship and love. Salman Khan’s role in the role of Cameo.

However, director Anand denied the duplicate character of Shah Rukh. He said that there is no double roles in ‘Shahrukh Khan’ in the film. The film will be released next year.


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