Tom Cruise Ready to Fly as Maverick in New Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise Movie Top Gun 2

Tom Cruise Ready to Fly as Maverick in New Top Gun 2  

Tom Cruise Ready to Fly as Maverick in New Top Gun 2”:Top Gun 2 started filming this summer, and while we started a cool teaser when production started, we really did not see much of the set. That all changes today as we have some new images with the star Tom Cruise dressed and ready to fly high as Maverick again.

Tom Cruise  in New Top Gun 2”:Top Gun 2, which is actually just titled Maverick, is gearing up for a release date on June 26, 2020. It’s two whole summers away so we probably will not get a trailer until sometime in the middle of next year. That does not mean we can not take a look at what to expect with some images.

The first Instagram photo that shows Tom Cruise as Maverick in the cockpit of his combat jet arrives via Luke Scott. It was believed that the man was the nephew of the original Top Gun director, Tony Scott, and son of Blade Runner and foreign director, Ridley Scott. But the unit working on the film claims that this particular Luke Scott is not related to the Scott family, nor is it associated with the film in any official way.

Tom Cruise Movie Top Gun 2

New Top Gun 2”:This was not the only image taken from the Top Gun 2 set, though. Some fans could take a look at Cruise on set, coming from individuals who had access to the military. A fan of Tom Cruise, called BB Quintin, says this about getting a photo of Cruise in action.

    “My Uncle (Who is in the Navy) was able to see Tom Cruise working on the movie Next Top Gun aboard his ship.”

Tom Cruise Ready”:Tom Cruise has not exactly had a poor career since the 1980s. On the contrary, he has become one of the biggest stars on the planet and his latest effort, the sequel Mission Impossible – Fallout, was one of the biggest hits of the summer. So he is not returning to the Top Gun world to relive some days of glory that have passed through him in recent years. He really wants to do justice to the franchise. And he always seems genuinely interested in bringing Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell back to life for another job when he’s asking about the project in the press.

Coming back in the movie next to Cruise is Val Kilmer as Iceman’s 1986 classic. Joining this huge cast over the past few months have been the likes of Jennifer Connelly, Glen Powell, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Jay Ellis and Ed Harris. The story this time will show how pilots, both old and new, are adapting to war and drone technology. Joseph Kosinski, who directed Tom Cruise on Oblivion, is in charge of this really anticipated sequel.

Tom Cruise Ready to Fly as Maverick in New Top Gun 2”:It was stated at the time of the release of the image that Luke Scott was on set because he was doing some unreleased rewrites following, keeping Maverick’s legacy in the family. This is inaccurate, and the man who provided this set scene is not working on the film in any known capacity. Tony Scott would return to lead Top Gun 2 before committing suicide in 2012. His unexpected death put Top Gun 2 on indefinite hold, with five years running before Paramount put it all back in place and ready to go.

You can take a look at Tom Cruise as Maverick sat in his jet as well as shoot a US naval base thanks to Luke Scott’s Twitter and a couple of happy fans.



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