When the robot will lose people

Newscrane-Robot will lose people

“When the robot will lose people” : 2027 years 18 wheels are running a robot! In time, in 2053, the worm of the time went further. Operation Theater is a very complex surgical robot! There is nothing to wonder about. Information technology is moving in such a high speed, in 2066, people can be overwhelmed by the intellectual activity of humans-machines made of robots!

Newscrane-Robot will lose people

Surprising information that came out of the study of Oxford and Yale University researchers According to them, robots will take control of various types of activities in the next 50 years. That means, ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘AI’ can be topped by human intelligence. Researchers from Oxford and Yale University have brought out the information that has been asked by 352 AI researchers.

According to them, robots will learn linguistic translations by 2024. After two years, they will write high school writing too. Robots will compete with people in the 5000km race by 2029. After three years they will be seen as sales representatives of retail merchandising companies. Researchers now see 50 percent chance of learning about robotic learning in all kind of intellectual work in about 45 to 50 years.

Chief researcher Katja Grace said in her research with her colleagues that in the next 10 years robot will roll out all kinds of mechanical (mechanical) work. But it will take some time to get the deeper things of intellectual work done. For example, writing books or a very complex mathematical solution. The most worrying thing is that researchers are looking at 50 percent of all the jobs employed in Robot’s possession in the next 120 years.

Newscrane-Robot will lose people

Explanation of the researchers, the progress of artificial intelligence will change in the continuation of such things as communication, medicine, science, economics, military power. In this, the modern life of the people will also be defined as new. Such results will provide information about the control of AI in discussions between researchers and policymakers.

But the human rights activist and author Jeremy Riffkin had earlier expressed the danger of robots taking over. In his book, Books of the Interior of Work published in 1995, Rifkin predicted, the concept of human beings on employment would prove to be outdated in the near future. The prediction of Riffin has been explained with the trick, chief executive of Autodesk, Karl Bez, will have two types of workers in the future factories – people and dogs. People will be feeding dogs, and dogs will not be able to put the equipment in the apples, so for that The use of robots is now common in many developed countries. The United States can give example examples, compared to the number of people in the country decreasing 25 percent of the workforce in 1970. For this reason, many are responsible for robot freedom Two researchers Carl Benedict Fra and Michael A Aussourne showed that 47 percent of the US workforce was at risk for ‘computerization’. In 2012, software maker Foxcon announced that in the next three years, they would use about one million robots instead of people in the workplace.

Then? What will happen in the near future!


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