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In the second quarter of the year, that is, from April to June, there have been major changes in the smart phone market in three months. At the time, 36 million 62 million units of smart phones have been sold, which is 6.7 percent more than the second quarter of last year. Market research firm Gartner said on Tuesday.

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Smartphone market brands’ position.

As per the market share, Android operating system-controlled phone market is 87.7 percent and iOS 12.1 percent.

Gartner’s research director, Partul Gupta, said in a statement that there is a strong demand for smart phones, but the demand for mobile phones in the developing markets, which has more storage, advanced processors and cameras, its demand is increasing. Smartphone sales are higher than last year compared to last year in South Asian countries including India, Indonesia.

Sales of all types of smart phones were more than last year’s second quarter. Samsung’s phone has sold 7.7 percent more than last year’s second quarter. South Korea’s company is at the top of the market as she is. Last year,  after the troubles of Note 7, this time Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus created demand in the market. Partul Gupta said that brands such as Huawei, Apo and Vivo started the competition in the market, but it is expected that Samsung will retain its growth in 2017.

In the second quarter of the year, 33 million units were supplied by the iPhone, but in the second quarter of this year compared to last year Apple did not go much further. The company holds the second position in the smart phone market. Gupta said that iPhone sales will increase due to buyers’ appeal to older models of iPhone in the market of developing countries. The new iOS 11 will further increase the sales of new iPhone in the fourth quarter of the year. This will increase the total iPhone sales in 2017.

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China’s smart phone maker Huawei is at the third position with 9.8 percent market share. Huawei was in possession of 8.9 percent market share in the second quarter of last year.

China’s smart phone brand Vivo and Op show the best performance in the second quarter of 2017 In the second quarter of this year, 70.8 percent of Vivo and 44.1 percent of the sales have risen in the number of smart phones.

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