Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Faces A Difficult Challenge

Samsung's Galaxy S9 -

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Faces A Difficult Challenge

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Faces A Difficult Challenge”: After mixed reviews of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus that highlighted the advanced technology but questioned some of the software choices, the reports reach the ambitious goal of Samsung for the S9 family . The South Korean Company is planning more than 43 million of sales.

That is 2 million more than deals for the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, and it would compensate Samsung with something that even the iPhone has not accomplished lately … expanding year-on-year offers of significant mobile phones.

The question will be whether the iterative changes that are obvious to consumers in the S8 family up to the S9 family will be enough to generate those extra sales. Universe S9 audits featured the benefits of Galaxy S9 handsets on more established S8 units, yet in addition noticed that it isn’t a noteworthy overhaul (out of the double focal point camera in the S9 Plus). Forbes Gordon Kelly

Omissions and irritants are also addressed. The Galaxy run at last has stereo speakers (with the reward of Dolby Atmos bolster) after Samsung replicated Apple into the intensification of the headset speaker. In the interim, the Galaxy S8 Plus’ moronically situated back unique mark pursuer was moved midway underneath the new double cameras (later) to make every one simpler.

Elsewhere, the benefits of the Galaxy S8 Plus are maintained: IP68 dust and water resistance, microSD expansion slot (now compatible with cards up to 400 GB) and the headphone jack. These last two, in particular, have a dedicated follow up and are increasingly rare to find on rival phones.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Faces A Difficult Challenge”: The Samsung target is ambitious, but it is feasible. Assuming it reaches the 43 million mark, which will show a year-on-year increase on S8 sales and reverses the trend that saw Galaxy S8 sales fall compared to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge (from 55 million to 41 millions ). Reversing this trend is vital for the South Korean company. In a world of smartphones where even Apple faces year-on-year drops in units sold, getting the Galaxy S forward to step up with an increase in sales would be a significant win.



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