Samsung Galaxy S9 will be market chief

Samsung Galaxy S9 -

Samsung Galaxy S9 will be market chief :  Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come in market from September 15. Fifa has started with the Samsung Galaxy S9 coming in the note eight market. As the S9 is coming to the market early next year, the discussion may be a bit overwhelming about what this phone might be like. But the debate has begun on when the market will come.

Samsung Galaxy S9 -






Image source – Android Community.

The Korea Herald, via South Korean news, has indicated that the S9 market may come in March next year. So the thought of launching before it was thought to be-the phone has the idea. If we go ahead with this assumption, then Samsung will start importing the OLD display from November. In fact, a few months back the phone accessories were imported from the phone market.

The Galaxy S9 is called Project Star. It is remarkable that this phone will be widely available in the market.

QHD + Super Ammo led Infiniti Display This phone has the same look as the Galaxy Note 8.

The ratio is same 18.5: 9

It is also said that Samsung Galaxy S9 will have 4GB RAM. There was also the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S8+, the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. There will be dual cameras like the Galaxy 8. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SOC will be on the smart phone.


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