The richest actress Emma Stone

Emma Stone -

Emma Stone defeats Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer’s name was topped by Forbes magazine for two years, a list released by rich actresses. Emma has taken her own now.

Emma Stone -






Emera’s annual income is 26 million US dollars. She has Jennifer Laurens behind the movie ‘La la Land’. This picture not only benefits him financially, but also honors Oscar.

Thereafter, there is another ‘Jennifer’ – Jennifer Aniston. The top two billionaire actress Jennifer Lawrence has been ranked 25 million dollars, followed by the top two billionaire actress Jennifer Lawrence. His income, however, is only $ 1 million less than Jennifer Aniston.

Emma Stone -







Melissa McCarthy ($ 18.8 million) is in fourth position. Next place are Mila Kunis (15.5 million US dollars), Emma Watson and Charlize Theron ($ 40 million), Kate Blenchate and Julia Roberts ($ 20 million) and Amy Adams (1 crore 15 million US). Dollar).

Emma Stone -







All the top 10 actresses in the list are Hollywood stars. Last year, Deepika Padukone was the Bollywood’s 10th position. Now he is back.

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