Real Madrid get Bernabeu Trophy for Ronaldo Magic

Cristiano Ronaldo -

We know the magician of football also he make a role as a football magician name Cristiano Ronaldo. He is a one of the best   player and he also does much record while he played the player of Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Cristiano Ronaldo -





Portuguese Premier Cristiano Ronaldo has won the Santiago Bernabeu Trophy for the Italian club Fiorentina, who has won the title of Real Madrid. On Wednesday night, the match won 2-1 and won the UEFA Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup winners at the start of the season. Goalkeeper Keylor Navas, Kasimiro, midfielder Luka vidritch, Tony Crus, Escrow, forward Gareth Bale and Karim Benzemad, the XI teamed up without a friendly match. Ronaldo is currently unable to play in the league due to the five-match ban. Coach said in advance that the team will play the full time to keep the team’s best fit. One of the best footballers of the time told that he was one of the best footballers of the time.

Cristiano Ronaldo -







Biography Of Cristiano Ronaldo –

Born – Cristiano Ronaldo was born 5 February – 1985, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal.

Payment Record – He also record about fee of a player of his age when Manchester United paid £12 million to sign him the year of 2003.

The year of 2009 Real Madrid paid  to Cristiano Ronaldo for this type of magic playing.

Goal Record – In 2004 FA Cup final match Cristiano Ronaldo  first three goals and take the Manchester championship. 2008 he also do Franchise record.

Real last night in the fourth minute behind Real The French midfielder Jontan Vertu scored a goal in the shot from outside the D-box. Three minutes later, the hosts scored equally in the scoreline. Ronaldo’s ball to move from the left of the ball was easily caught in the trap, the young forward Borah Mayoral from Real Madrid’s academy. Fiorentina could move again in the 19th minute; But the Italian defender Davis Astori shot the crossbar.

Ronaldo scored the winning goal in the 33rd minute. Four-time World Player of the Year sent the ball to the right post  portion at the  at the corner shot from left-handed to corner  shot by French defender Ti Ernandez, who came in this season. At the end, the goalkeeper jumped  Isco’s strong shot to take the transfer to the end. Ronaldo’s shot from the rugged angle takes the post from the returning ball.

Cristiano Ronaldo -





Image source – Telegraph

Real, according to his former president Santiago Bernabeu, plays this match early in the season. They won their 27th title in 39th edition. Spain’s successful club won the title last time by winning the title of France.

Cristiano Ronaldo -







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Ronaldo experienced childhood in a to a great extent regular workers neighborhood in a little tin-roofed home that disregarded the sea. His initial life was formed by hardship; his dad, a planter, regularly drank excessively, and in the long run passed on from kidney issues in 2005. To help keep the kids encouraged, and keep up some budgetary soundness, Ronaldo’s mom functioned as a cook and cleaning  individual.



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