Model 3 Is Putting Tesla in Dangerous Areas

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 Tesla Model 3 Provoke Dangerous Cash Problem

Model 3 is putting Tesla in dangerous areas :Bump each one is concentrate Tesla’s cash burns. Bloomberg recently cracked this number and finally TAPA will tap next August, towards the current pace of inflation.

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The numbers are terrible Tesla is spending more than $ 1 billion per quarter for his current business, and his orthopedic model 3 has increased production. It’s a matter of concern to build just three cars for a company. General Motors costs more than a quarter – the largest US automaker produces various vehicles worldwide and sells nearly 10 million cars and trucks.

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From return-in-speculation capital point of view, Tesla is a fiasco, when GM is a win. GM has been profiting for quite a long time and now his stock is going on a post-IPO high point. ‘Tesla’ Company’s greatest quarterly misfortune in 14 year’s  history.

He said Tesla’ is opening up 50 billion US dollar market cap and for direct raising hunger and more recent debt distribution for new capital rising. Tesla will have to shell out three more commas in the next 12 months after the end of 2016 or Tesla down to its last billion dollars in early 2018.

Meanwhile, ‘CEO Elon Musk’ is in adult sleeping mode – plans to hit Tesla’s wealthy supporters and more future customers for more money. Two weeks before Los Angeles, he ran the “Tesla Semi truck” – and started receiving orders for a pop of $ 5,000. He surprised everyone with a new road – and started accepting orders for the $ 250,000 dollar sports car maker’s version. 1,000 vacations for Tesla cars are open, and every buyer will pay $ 250,000 to reserve their spot.

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You have to do what you want to do, and before actually building a car, you can make a monthly income of $ 500 million by selling a monthly income of 1,000,000, but give a little respite to Tesla Cash Front. Greentech Media’s Katie Fehren Bacher has been mentioned that Tesla is raised with its 2010 IPO

I have said that the best car sellers is Musk, who has ever live, and his latest steps carry that observation.

But let’s not choose ourselves, a very popular journey for Moscow and its company for the next 12 months. He acknowledged that the model 3 – a $ 35,000 base based EV-production is in hell, but it’s actually worse than that. The mask was predicted monthly production by 20,000 vehicles, but Tesla 1000 will be fortunate to build, with Nevada’s battery factory in Tesla, and that is surprising. Tesla is great for making batteries. These should not be weak link in the chain.

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On the other hand, GM could sell its Choice Bolt EV5000 in December. That car appears to be seen more often in the United States and as customers take the advantage of a federal tax credit to take advantage of that Republican tax bill elimination threat, losing sales of Tesla model 3 is a real marketing loss claim that customers will be returned to their $ 1,000 deposit.

$ 7,500 Tesla’s original business of selling $ 100,000 luxury EVs for people who do not need tax incentives are pretty good shape. The company could deliver the 100,000 model S and Model X in 2017, which sets the records and integration of monopoly business in a premium electric  vehicles.

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Tesla has become weak in a complex fundamental: production Model S and Model X each year Tesla Delivery Guidelines decreases. I think this problem will be resolved as winds of 2017 because the company is now maxed out on the production of S and X. As long as it maintains 100,000 continuously, all should be well.

Model 3  meanwhile, is a production disaster. And it’s unexpected in the auto industry – in two ways. First, because there are 500,000 pre-orders for Tesla cars that has never happened before for any auto maker. The second reason, since there are half a million pre-orders for some of the other automobiles, it will drive these cars to run in heaven and earth in the market. There is nothing internally foreign; there is nothing about the model 3. It’s a Midday Sidon. The toilet can wear one million pounds in the next year.

Investors do not care about these things, however. That’s why Tesla’s story is very tempting

The story of the trick is to taunt the public and the investors  

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Do not discount that price! Musky is telling a strange story. I was open for half / road, and it was the most exciting event that I have been under the car for over a decade. There is an old word in the industry how you get people to buy a reducing asset with thousands: “Show them to the car!

Musk just does not show up. He has set a new value to show. In entrepreneurial flush, the investor replaces the stock with the crash, where it should probably be fairly valuable to every 100-150 dollars, and the purchasers become a growing part of cash.

It can not last forever. In fact, 2018 will be critical test. If Tesla passes, then the stock can prove the most risky supporter of $ 500. Or it may be subjected, and will order the day to look quickly down.

If later, Tesla’s bankruptcy risk will increase, but we should not let ourselves get ahead YES, Model 3 is a mess. But the core business can still be a lucrative life cats, if Model 3 can be a car that Tesla almost dies and Musk can always stop selling parts of the company, as he is Daimler, Toyota, and recently, Tencent has past. Heck, although he could sell the entire company, it would be a big bite.

“Model 3 putting Tesla in dangerous place” For now, the investor confidence, while being injured, is holding. Everyone is on the verge. But if we were not ‘Tesla’, we would not talk.

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