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Matt Lauer’s Shocking Interview With Tom Cruise

Matt Lauer-Tom Cruise-Newscrane.com

Matt Lauer’s Shocking Interview With Tom Cruise

Matt Lauer’s Shocking Interview With Tom Cruise”: With allegations of sexual assault and his recent shot today, Matt Lauer cannot be out of the news. But before his latest scandal, most of us remember him for his countless interviews with celebrities. And there’s an infamous interview we cannot forget.

Matt Lauer-Tom Cruise-Newscrane.com

When Tom Cruise took the stage in 2005, he promoted his new movie, War of the Worlds. Cruise seemed eager to take the stage and talk about his upcoming film, involvement and reflections on Scientology. And now, we see how weird the interview really was as a whole, and all the red flags we lost.

Matt Lauer calls his interview with Tom Cruise the strangest of his career

Matt Lauer’s  Interview With Tom Cruise”: The interview happened in 2005, but Lauer remembers well. He told former co-director Meredith Vieira that it was the strangest of his career, in the Us Weekly reports. Inside the interview, Cruise seems enthusiastic about his involvement with actress Katie Holmes at the time. He also mentions his faith in Scientology, which is where things start to get strange. By the time Cruise calls Lauer “glib” several times, everyone felt the tension.

Matt Lauer-Tom Cruise-Newscrane.com

Lauer explains that “you say something and you can see in the person’s eyes a physical change. That was one of those moments.” He then explains that it is “your job almost to get out of the way,” once you feel that change occurs.

The mood changes since Scientology is part of the conversation

Matt Lauer-Tom Cruise-Newscrane.com

Interview With Tom Cruise”: In the interview, Lauer mentions that Katie Holmes has been opening up for Scientology since she was with Cruise, and he asks the actor about it. In response, Cruise says that “Scientology is something you do not understand,” and then continues to try to explain it in a very unpleasant way.

Matt Lauer’s Shocking Interview With Tom Cruise”: As we now know, Holmes is no longer a practicing scientist. And it was rumored to have some very strange conditions after his divorce, as he could not date someone publicly for five years after the split, explains Radar Online. Now that she’s with Jamie Foxx, she seems much happier.



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