iPhone Case Turns Your Phone Into a Working Game Boy

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iPhone Case Turns Your Phone Into a Working Game Boy

iPhone Case Turns Your Phone Into a Working Game Boy” : Another Game Boy case for your phone came on the market, this time from Wanle Cases. The slim case, which fits on the back of an iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus or X, comes loaded with 10 games and features the familiar layout of Game Boy controls.

Wanle’s case builds up certain nostalgia, built with an old school screen and preloaded with retro titles like Tetris, Tank, Formula One Racing and Snake and Block. It is not clear on the company website if you are limited to the games that come with the case, but hi, 10 games should be enough to waste some time. This is markedly different from the “Smart Boy” phone case that did the rounds in 2015, which was actually another dock where you had to put your phone.

What’s appealing about Wanle’s design is that it’s understated. Not only does it interfere with the use of your phone as normal, but it is also done with full door access to the buttons, microphone, speaker, headset, dock and flash. It’s worth noting that several reviews on the Wanle website address minor issues such as the quality of the materials used, and the buttons sometimes do not work as they should. Overall, however, it seems to work as intended and people observe that they love using it, even with those minor complaints.

To use the case, simply slip a small battery into the inner corner, fit it as you would any other type of normal phone box, and it’s immediately good to go. Wanle says that the slightly raised plastic buttons also become practical, protecting your phone against inevitable drops and bumps. As cool as it is to have a case that actually does something fun, it also makes me anxious about having twice the number of screens to potentially crack and scratch.

iPhone Case Turns Your Phone Into a Working Game Boy” : The case is now available in both black and white options for a discounted price of $ 24.95. The organization’s website says the general retail cost is $ 79.95.


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