Opened the iPhone 8, which was seen inside

iPhone 8 inside -

Opened the iPhone 8, which was seen inside : There is a lot of tension in the new models of the iPhone. Apple has released its best technology iPhone 8 in the market.

iPhone 8 inside -





Image source – 9to5Mac.

Now the iPhone wants to see the inside of the iPhone. Here  what’s in the shell of this smart phone device. They have started work on iPhone 8 smart phone  first. It opened, cut, broke and brought out all of the inside. Not only did the battery or waterproof features be seen, there are other issues.

At the time of the iPhone 8, Apple said that their new phone battery would be smaller than the previous ones. For this reason maybe the iPhone 7 has turned into 1821 mAh in iPhone 8’s 1960 mAh battery. It has also been given the 11 bionic chipset to save battery power. Despite the small battery, the power is similar to the previous ones, the smaller battery of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

iPhone 8 inside - Newscrane.comImage source – AppleInsider.

See also some more with the 11 Bionic chips. It found 2 GB LPDDR 4 RAM. More Qualcomm MDM 9656 Snapdragon X16 LTE Modem It has also been seen that the NXP 80 V18 Secure NFC modul Ace Skyworks 77366-17 Quad Band GSM Power Amplifiers Modules, Skyworks Schwan Sky 78140, Aghogro 8072 JD 130 and P15730 S71.

Toshiba TSBL 227 VC 3759 64 GB Nand Flash Storage is available on the back. There are also Qualcomm WRT 5975 GB LTE RF Transceiver and PMD 9655 PMIC and Apple’s own WiFi, Bluetooth, FM Radio etc.

When the phone was broken, cut and opened, it has got some more cylinders, rubber gasket. Many had strong glue. These phones have been resistant to the great water. The camera really got F / 1.8 aperture similar to the iPhone 7. But its lens is bigger. As a result, more pixels pictures will take place.

The QI-connected wireless charging coil is in the back case. There are magnetic fields. Through this, turning the alternating current into charge of battery charging. Here’s another new lightning port found. The new iPhone brought the glass overlay behind. To get rid of the glass wires, it has got a lot of speed.


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