Hurricane Irma injuries killed 17 people

Hurricane ‘Irma’ -

Hurricane Irma injuries killed 17 people : Hurricane ‘Irma’ hit 17 people in the Caribbean After being hit by several countries in the Caribbean on Friday, it is now moving towards the United States with the 4-dimensional Irma. How Irma is going to hit, this hurricane can hit Florida and Georgia.

Hurricane ‘Irma’ -








Image source – AFP

Haiti has been affected by hurricane injuries

According to the AFP news, the Red Cross said 12 million people had been damaged due to humanity. The number of people affected by Islamism can reach 26 lacks.

Officials fear that many types of diseases may spread due to the disruption of food water crisis and sanitation in damaged islands. Officials believe the number of dead may increase.

Hurricane Irma” may collapse, at least five million people in South Florida have already been ordered to move to a safer place.

Hurricane ‘Irma’ -







Image source – CNN

Crossing the Caribbean Islands, Erma is expected to hit the mainland on Saturday.

Erma recently hit the Puerto Rico on Thursday, indicating a ‘catastrophic catastrophe’. Prior to that, it carried out major destruction in Antigua and Bermuda.

The Netherlands under the Netherlands have been subjected to the destruction of Saba and St. Yustechs. The US Virgin Islands, Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands have been destroy by ‘Irma’ injuries. 2 in Puerto Rico, 1 in Bermuda, 4 people died in Virgin Islands.

“Hurricane ‘Irma’ injuries killed 17 people” and it has been issued in the central and northern parts of the country, 90 miles away from the mainland of the United States.


  1. Hurricane Irma is very heavy to fall on earth, hope every thing is well with everyone. We should everyone to staye of them who are victim by Hurricane Irma.
    I am John, also read your post everyday. Nice work for give us update news.

  2. I am appreciate with you Mr.John. Actually we all should to stay with the victime,
    When i read the news then i am thundered and think only for them.
    Hope everything will be right…………………………..


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