In Guangzhou Open Big Road Fashion Week

Guangzhou Fashion Week -

Guangzhou Open Big Road Fashion Week

In Guangzhou Open Big Road Fashion Week” : The Belt and Road International Fashion Week, some portion of China’s improvement activity One Belt and One Road, commenced Saturday with a distinct fascination in the neighborhood design industry.

Guangzhou Fashion Week -
The opening ceremony of the Belt and Road International Fashion Week was held at the Liuhua Convention Center in Guangzhou, China, on December 23./ Photography by Jung Ji-Hee

The International Fashion Week, which will be held until the point when the finish of the year at Liuhua Convention Center in Guangzhou, is a form demonstrate occasion including driving style planners from everywhere throughout the world, including China and South Korea. It’s required to fill in as a window for China to trade culture with different nations.

The opening function on Saturday was swarmed with form individuals in China with an expansive number of experts occupied with mold industry and big names in participation, including Long Yuxiang(Executive Chairman), of Executive Chairman of China International Cultural Communication Center. From South Korea, Asia Today president Woo Jong-soon, Minjoo Party legislator Jung Jae-ho, Sun Moo University president Hwang Sun-jo, and Saddle Point executive Koo Bon-il as boss Korean illustrative of the Fashion Week went to the occasion.

Guangzhou Fashion Week -
Fashion shows of Chinese brands KODICE (top) and Xiang Yun Gu Li – Photography by Jung Ji-Hee


“Form begins with magnificence and dreams are made with excellence. Chinese President Xi Jinping additionally respects the quest for the joy of the general population as profoundly vital,” Long said in his salutary discourse at the occasion. “I trust we will have the capacity to elevate different form societies to the world through the International Fashion Week in the delightful ‘Blossom City’, Guangzhou.”

The occasion warmed up when Chinese mold architects and brands showed their most recent accumulations in runway design appears.

KODICE, whose outline idea is ‘wearable adornment’, uncovered exceptional and urban looks focused on gold, dark and red hues. Including the renowned silk outfits from the Pearl River Delta in China, Xiang Yun Gu Li pulled in consideration with a gathering that reinterpreted Chinese conventional ensembles and another accumulation featuring the unadulterated white excellence with all-white mold.

On Monday, Korean Brand Fashion Show Day was held with three brands including GABO, CHARM’s, and XXCC, drawing warmed consideration from the design business.

The Belt and Road International Fashion Week’s image mold shows will proceed until Saturday. The honors function and the end service will be hung on Sunday.


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