Google Android App Protect Spoiling Your Data from Other Apps

Google Datally Apps News -

Google Android App Datally

Google Android App Protect Spoiling Your Data from Other Apps” : Google is introducing another stylish and simple Android application designed to help people manage one of their main functions of the phone – in this case, the use of data.

Google Datally Apps News -
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The app is called Datally’ and it tells you where your data is going and how much you use it has been reduced. Data shows that any apps are using the data most and at the time of your data being used; It will recommend nearby Wi-Fi networks to reduce data usage and connect with you based on your own activity.

More importantly, there is a big button at the top of the app that lets you stop using all background data, so only that app can actively use the anonymous mobile data. A chat-main style bubble will tell you how much your current running application is using, and if you do not want to block every single application using background data, ‘Google Datally’ lets you control   the data usage of an app through an app.

Google Datally Apps News -“Google makes use of basic Android features with easy-to-use apps”

But if you’re a long time Android user, all the exciting functions of Datally are already built directly on Android but they are hidden in the settings menu, and they are not quite nicely made as long as they are inside Google Datally’, as a standalone application, It will be easy to use.

Google Datally Apps News -

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Data is being released as part of Google’s next billion user initiative, which emphasizes Google products more productive in limited mobile connections, and where lower level hardware is widely expanded. The initiative therefore focuses primarily on fundamental features like storage management – with its latest stand-alone apps – and data usage. It even moved to a small 6MB space why it is so.


Product manager Josh Woodward, under the supervision of Datally, said that the app’s concept shows the length of time that humans have been able to preserve data, especially in countries where mobile plans are relatively expensive. At Delhi, Lagos, and Buenos Aires, Woodard said his team had seen their people who would always keep their phones in airplane mode to prevent the use of DAC. When they wanted to check their notifications, they could shut down the airplane mode, enter all the information, and turn the airplane mode back on when they would see new information.

Google Datally Apps News -

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Since this summer, Google has tested Dateline in Philippines, the company said it already hit over 500,000 users and it has been able to save the public, on average, their 30 percent data. As of today, the app is being released to the rest of the world and a phone with Android 5.0 or higher version is available.

Obviously, if you can use additional data, you probably will not want to use this application. Closing the background data usage will harm your overall phone experience, since applications will not refresh content in the background, but applications will not send you push notifications. But if you are constantly growing against your data hat, then the database thinks where the problem is.

Google Android App Protect Spoiling Your Data” and Google Datally currently targets in emerging markets such as India, Philippines, and Nigeria and other country  also. You can download completely free for Android Play Store. You can install it on any phone running Android 5.0 or higher. Google says that it has been testing the Philippine’s ‘Datally’ app for months and has been able to hit more than half a million users. To build, the company added, people were able to save 30 percent of their mobile data.


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