GLITZKOIN | Blockchain Based Ecosystem For Diamond Industry


GLITZKOIN | Blockchain Based Ecosystem For Diamond Industry

GLITZKOIN | Blockchain Based Ecosystem For Diamond Industry” : Diamonds are about brilliance, style and distinction, they symbolize extravagance and extravagance. Exchanges in the precious Diamond industry are done through individual contact, the included meetings try to do research among each other and advance to the business process. It is properly said that you must estimate the precious stone trader who already treasures your precious stones. Moreover, even after applying the most tenacious assessment, there is an abundant degree to the mystery and the wrong judgments. The ‘GLITZKOIN’ was started to bring frankness and ease to the jewelry business. He coordinates the regular gemstone industry with the latest decentralized structure of web estimates. Ratings and assessments will no longer be ruled out by speculation and intuition. “GLITZKOIN” endeavors to change the jewelery business by diminishing tangles, developing coordination and giving trust in cross-edge trades for the profitable “Diamonds industry”.


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GLITZKOIN | Blockchain Based Ecosystem” : Blockchain innovation and Crypto coins are changing the world and the precious stone industry is no exemption. Notwithstanding some early endeavors, no blockchain biological system concentrated on the precious stone industry was intended to envelop the different issues looked by the business. The need for transparency, visibility and objectivity in the Diamond industry was felt many decades ago. The need for person-to-person contact when processing a purchase or sale of diamonds limited the size of the market. GLITZKOIN centers around coordinating the best highlights of the ordinary precious stone industry, the utility and usefulness of the most recent blockchain innovation.

Diamonds are one of the main natural resources in the world, and specifically in Africa. Estimated US $ 15 billion

diamonds are produced annually, of which approximately US $ 8.5 billion is from Africa.

(approximately 65%). The precious Diamond industry utilizes roughly ten million individuals around the world, specifically and by implication, over a wide range of capacities, from mining to retail. Global Sales of Diamond Jewelry

continue to grow, tripling over the last 25 years, and are currently worth more than $ 79 billion

every year.

  1. Diamond industry

The precious stone gems inventory network (known as the jewel pipeline) is the procedure

the land for customers. It has a few distinct stages:







We acknowledge Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM) as the

installment for buys of GLITZKOIN tokens.

Total Token: 999 Million

1st tire 35 million price- $ 0.12 Total: $ 4.2 million.

2nd Tire 40Million Price- $ 0.14 Total: $ 5.600.000.

3rd tire $ 50 million – $ 0.16 total: $ 8,000,000.

4th Shot 120Million of Prices- $ 0.20 Total: $ 24,000,000.

GLITZKOIN | Blockchain Based Ecosystem For Diamond Industry” :

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