French President Emmanuel Macron popularity dropped

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“French President Emmanuel Macron popularity dropped” : French President Emmanuel Macron popularity decreased by 40 percent in August The popularity decreased by 10 percent compared to the previous month  – ( AFP ).

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Image Source – La Tribune.

This information has emerged from a poll published on Sunday. Meanwhile, the popularity of the country’s ”Prime Minister Edouard Philippe” declined by nine percent at the same time. His popularity in the survey stood at 47 percent. The survey conducted by the “loop released by journal du dementia”. After the last 7 May elections, Macro’s popularity was 62 percent. But during this time his popularity decreased by 22 points. In comparison, at the same time in 2012, his predecessor, Francois Franz, was more popular. Their popularity was 54 percent, and in 2007, Nicholas Sarkozy’s popularity was 67 percent.

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Image Source – L’Express.

According to the new survey conducted online from 25 to 26 August, 36 percent of Macro was fairly pleased with Macro, which is 11 points lower than before. Four percent said they are very satisfied, which is three points less than the previous survey. A total of 233 participants took part in the survey. Emmanuel Macron, who was president at “the youngest age in France”, was criticized for taking steps to reduce labor reform, budget and government spending.

Topic base on The Guardian published –

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Image Source – The Guardian.

French government representative Christophe Castaner said the decision party was experiencing a precarious time, yet included that disappointing a few people was a value worth paying if the administration needed to push through changes.

“Indeed, we are experiencing challenges, yet you can’t simply invest your energy just taking a gander at surveys when you’re in government. We are there to change the nation. Our nation needs us to go out on a limb, and we are going out on a limb,” Castaner disclosed to BFM TV.


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