Paulo Dibala placed on the shoulders of Higuain

Dibala Higuain

Paulo Dibala placed on the shoulders of Higuain : Argentine star striker Gonzalo Higuain is going to have a great deal of time in his career. On Saturday night, he was out of XI in the 4-0 away loss to Torino.

Dibala Higuain

Image source – Forzajuve.

“Deibala put his hand on the shoulder in the way of his teammate”

Higuain’ has got place in the coach ‘Massimiliano Allegri’ or ‘BadBook’! Only two goals scored in 6 matches. National team and club teammate “Dibla” stood beside him at this critical time. He put his hand on the shoulder of his shoulder and said patience.

Paulo Dibala believes, Higuain will soon get her best rhythm back. Argentina’s youngest star said, “It’s not a good time for Higuain, he said “in the first season of the struggle to get his goals at the start of the season. When a striker does not get round, it is clearly not a good thing for him. He just needs to remain calm. When he expects the least to get it, then the goal will be scored. At the beginning of last season I also struggled for the goal”.

Dibala Higuain






Image source – IamNaples.

In the last 6 matches, Dibla has sent 10 balls to the ball. “The goal is great, but it’s important to win the title for the team,” said the young sensation, who topped the charity list at Seri, giving more importance to Juventas’ title win than personal achievement. In three competitions we would like to play all the way without any hesitation.


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