Cavani did not allow Neymar to take the penalty


Cavani did not allow Neymar to take the penalty : PSG jirasatha running Neymar-Cavani, who won 2-0 goals in the league match on Sunday, won 6 of their matches. But the win overtakes these two forwards disputes with the penalty. After the match with this point of view, it was commented that coach Unai Emeri.

Kaifani and Neymar's news -

After the second goal, after celebration, Cavani-Neymar-Embaappe

However, the PSG coaches were well-received by the media, “A few players will take penalties. One of them is Kavani, the other is Neymar. There is a common understanding about taking penalty in the field. Neymar and Kavani, it’s okay, Nick, both of them can score goals. If there is no compromise, then I will decide who will take the penalty. “The last word may send a cool message to the two stars, coach. The most important thing about the top level is that the game is very uncomfortable.

In the second half of the event, PSG received a free kick in the 57 minutes outside of the Lynn D-box. Kaavani came forward to take a spot kick, but Dani Alvez took the ball from him and took Neymar off to take the shot. Brazil forward to take great shot Goalkeeper Lopez saved the jatra team by jumping the whole side.

Then the dramatic climax PSG got a free kick at the right end. Neymar took the free kick, Mandy faucet faucet in the box The referee gave the penalty, now before the ball with the ball stood in the spell of Cavani. Before taking the shot, Neymar came forward and said, I think the shot wanted to take it myself. However, Cavani did not give a chance. PSG has the penalty for taking the penalty on his shoulder. Neymar did not like the interest of willingness to understand it. ‘Number Nine’ Watching the video shows that the conversation was not very pleasant. Lopes has been stopped  Cavani  in the right- side of the bullet shot.

PSG’s two goals are suicidal. At the end of the match, Lyon could not have missed the goal of defending the defenders, maybe they could return with points. Neymar’s goal was not allowed to go for 75 minutes.



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