Apple’s New iPhone Advantage Over Android Is Confirmed


Apple’s New iPhone Advantage Over Android Is Confirmed

Apple’s New iPhone Advantage Over Android Is Confirmed” : TSMC has started production of the next generation of chips to power the new iPhones that will be announced later this year by Tim Cook and his team. The chip, presumably called A12, will use TSMC’s 7-nm manufacturing process and give the iOS device better power management and better performance compared to competitors.

Details on the increased production of 7nm technology come directly from the CEO of TSMC. Digitimes Reports:


Apple’s New iPhone” : TSMC held its innovation symposium in Taiwan on June 21, amid which Wei made the comment to dismiss late theory that TSMC’s 7nm creation rate was expanded at a slower pace than anticipated. Although CEO CC Wei did not reveal who the chips were, the market expects the lion’s share of silicon to appear on Apple’s A12 chip, which is at the heart of the new iPhones that will be released in September 2018:

Apple” : Requests from Apple’s custom A12 processor for use on future iPhones will primarily be responsible for developing TSMC’s 7nm chipset in 2018, as indicated by showcase sources.

Apple’s New iPhone Android Is Confirmed” : TSMC from now works with Apple to produce the Bionic A11 chip that feeds the current bunch of gadgets of the  ‘iPhone X’ and “iPhone 8”, although the A11 chips that power the current iOS devices are built around the 10nm process.

Apple’s New iPhone Advantage Over Android Is Confirmed” : With three new handsets expected by the end of the third quarter, an increase in production with TSMC suggests that Apple is placing more orders with the Taiwanese manufacturer. If increased production will be low for Apple ultimately reaching critical mass and triggering a “super-cycle” of cutting-edge device purchases, or Tim Cook continues to turn #Apple toward a broader installed base through cheaper iPhones .

Either way, TSMC’s numbers will give us valuable insights into #Apple’s overall health in the next twelve months.


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