About Glitzkoin|Diamond Blockchain With Crypto Currency|Review

About Glitzkoin-Newscrane.com

About Glitzkoin|Diamond Blockchain With Crypto Currency|Review

About ‘Glitzkoin

Diamond Blockchain Pioneer

About Glitzkoin|Diamond Blockchain With Crypto Currency|Review” : Blockchain technology and “Crypto coins” are changing the world and the precious stone industry is no exemption. Regardless of some early endeavors, no ‘block chain’ biological system concentrated on the precious stone industry was intended to incorporate the different issues looked by the business.

The requirement for straight for wardness, deceivability and objectivity in the jewel business was felt numerous decades prior. The need for person-to-person contact when processing a purchase or sale of diamonds limited the size of the market. ‘GLITZKOIN’ centers around coordinating the best highlights of the regular precious stone industry, the utility and usefulness of the most recent block chain innovation.

About Glitzkoin-Newscrane.com


Glitzkoin|Diamond Blockchain With Crypto Currency” : Diamonds are one of the main natural resources in the world, and specifically in Africa. It is evaluated that US $ 15 billion in unpleasant jewels are delivered yearly, of which around US $ 8.5 billion is from Africa (roughly 65%). The precious stone industry utilizes roughly ten million individuals around the world, specifically and in a roundabout way, over a wide range of capacities, from mining to retail.

Worldwide sales of diamond jewelry continue to grow, tripling over the past 25 years, and are currently worth more than $ 79 billion a year.

The diamond jewelry supply chain (known as the diamond pipeline) is the process that brings diamonds from the earth to consumers. It has several different stages:


About Glitzkoin|Vision” : This document describes GLITZKOIN’s vision for the diamond industry. GLITZKOIN looks to construct an open block chain-based biological community for the precious Diamond industry where all jewel exchanging can be led and facilitated.

Glitzkoin|Diamond Blockchain With Crypto Currency” : “GLITZKOIN” is an overall startup that uses the best of rising development, including block chain, splendid contracts and machine making sense of how to help reduce peril and deception for banks, move down plans and open markets in the valuable stone and gemstone industry. We give an entire biological system to the precious diamond industry from an inventory network answer for jewel following and accreditation lastly a decentralized trade for the precious stone exchange and related administrations.


Glitzkoin|Diamond Blockchain With Crypto Currency|Review” : We incorporate the latest block chain technology into the diamond industry supply chain. This opens a new platform for leading the global diamond trade. Notwithstanding decreasing costs identified with an exchange, GLITZKOIN kills the wasteful aspects characteristic in handling paper-based exchanges. An advanced feature set is implemented to provide a very intricate and detailed diamond tracking and tracing capability. The goal is to decentralize the diamond market, which will open up access for buyers and sellers of diamonds. The diamond trade requires additional services, such as transport, finance and insurance. These services will be provided by separate service providers. The GLITZKOIN Project will simply fuse them into the stage and won’t charge any commission or agent for such untouchable organizations.


About Glitzkoin|Diamond Blockchain With Crypto Currency|” : There is almost certainly that the usage of GLITZKOIN, will build the market reach of the jewel business. Expanded item deceivability and acknowledgment of encoded cash will empower precious stone dealers at all levels to build their piece of the pie. In the meantime, the straightforwardness of the whole procedure and the validation of precious stones will impart trust in both expert purchasers and jewel purchasers out of the blue. The absence of intermediaries and the reduction of transport costs and other related costs will allow highly competitive prices.



More information about GLITZKOIN:

Website: https://www.glitzkoin.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.glitzkoin.com/dist/img/pdf/Glitzkoin-Brochure.pdf

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